Kentex Steel Equipment Manufacturing | Welding Equipment

Beam Welding

Used to fabricate, custom, Non-AISC shapes of welded beams. Beams can be constructed of plate, rather than milled rolled shapes. Submerged arc welding is used to combine 3 plate shapes into a welded beam. Beams can be fabricated by a gantry & clamp style welding system using a stationary beam or a pull-through system with the beam materials moving along conveyors during manufacture.

Specialty Welders

Kentex creates custom solutions by applying the same proven technology used in our standard products. For example, we have created dual welding head, automatically guided applications for the heat exchanger industry that reduced labor requirements by 40% over less automated systems such as side beam carriages.

Coil Processing Equipment

Kentex manufactures a light gauge coil processing system, designed to work with a wide variety of metals in bare, coated or pre-painted finish. Our equipment is designed to utilize “standard” easily available parts to reduce the equipment owner’s long term maintenance costs.