Welding Automation Precision Slides


Welding Automation Precision Slides

Precision welding slides are used to support and control movement of the welding head during the welding process. Slides are available in multiple lengths and weight capacities. Multiple power options include manual crank, AC fixed speed, DC variable speed, stepper, servo and air cylinder. Slides are specially designed using patented technology to be resistant to the granular welding flux used in submerged arc welding.

The Kentex welding automation precision slides provide heavy duty construction designed for a welding environment.

  • Basic Construction

    Structural members are constructed of extruded aluminum bar stock and 1" diameter hard chrome plated steel. The lead screw is ¾" diameter, Kerkote™ coated, hardened steel.

  • Lubrication Requirements

    No wet lubrication is required for carriage slide bearings, lead screw or lead screw nut. Patented DryLin™ carriage bearings, Kerkote® coated lead screw and special lead screw drive nut eliminate wet lubrication requirements. For powered slide units, the shaft mount gear reducer is sealed and needs no lubrication.

  • Carriage Bearings

    Carriages include patented DryLin™ bearings. No bearing wiper or seal is required. The bearing design provides performance benefits for dirty environments. Dirt or welding flux, even if it becomes wet on the guide shaft, is wiped away by the individual glide pads and is moved into the contact free areas. The glide sections of the DryLin™ bearings then slide on the shaft that has been cleared of contaminants.

  • Slide Mount Options

    Mounting is easily accomplished in multiple ways. The slide base includes predrilled holes for mounting directly to a supporting structure. For X/Y configurations, two Kentex slides can be assembled with carriage 1 attached to slide base 2, slide base 1 attached to slide base 2 or carriage 1 attached to carriage 2. The versatile mounting choices allow best mounting of welding accessories and protection from welding flux or dust contamination.

  • Available Travel Lengths

    Either series of the Kentex welding slide is available as a base model with 4" carriage travel. Additional travel length is available in 4" increments. Please consult Kentex for travel lengths exceeding 48 inches.

  • Carriage Power

    Carriage movement can be manual crank or electric power. Power options include shaft mount gear reducers powered by 110 VAC, DC, stepper or servo motors. For electrically powered slides, an optional pendant includes on/off, directional and speed controls.

  • Slide Shipment

    The welding slide and accessories are secured and shipped in a structural wood box designed for UPS or LTL shipment.

  • Capacity

    Two slide series are available. Capacity is identical in vertical or horizontal position. All slide carriage drives are designed to be self locking and will not back drive under load. COG refers to the load center of gravity.

    Series 100-6 supports and moves loads up to 100 pounds with COG 6" from the carriage face. Model 100-6 includes an 8" x 8" carriage with 6" wide base.

    Series 250-6 supports and moves loads up to 250 pounds with COG 6" from the carriage face. Model 250-6 includes a 10" x 10" carriage with 8" wide base.

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