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Heat Exchanger Specialty Welder

Kentex designs and manufactures solutions to various welding requirements. Many equipment projects utilize the submerged arc welding process for high deposition and an improved working environment for our customer’s employees. Submerged arc is not always applicable and we always evaluate various welding processes and equipment packages for suitable applications. Both Lincoln and Miller equipment are used, depending upon which is best suited for the project.

Many of our projects are sold through welding supplies distributors, but we also deal directly with end users. Distributors often present us a problem their customer needs solved. We enjoy providing an overall solution and working with the customer to improve productivity, quality and appearance. Typical projects have included:

  1. Submerged arc welder to fabricate fork lift masts for rough terrain, industrial forklifts. Mast assemblies are fabricated from multiple flat bar components and welded into a single structural, load carrying assembly.
  2. Submerged arc welding of interior, longitudinal welds to create air cooled heat exchanger headers. Our customer previously completed internal welding manually, using the stick process for physical access. During long welds, the previous process created multiple stops and starts and associated quality problems. We designed a self guided, pressurized flux “lance” welder to make submerged arc, internal continuous welds up to 20’ length in spaces as small as 3” x 3”.
  3. Submerged arc welding of exterior, longitudinal welds to create air cooled heat exchanger headers. Our customer previously completed exterior welds using a single welding system manually guided on a Lincoln side beam carriage. We provided upgraded welding equipment and created a self guided welding system that includes dual tandem arc welders with four power sources to increase quality and weld productivity by 400%.
  4. Submerged arc, CNC controlled end block welder to weld structural end blocks into heat exchanger headers. Our customer previously welded the end blocks using an open arc process. This created continuing quality control issues. We designed and provided a CNC controlled welder using the submerged arc process to improve weld quality, productivity and appearance.
  5. Hard automation for welding dock levelers. We designed a materials handling system to load components and accurately support them during an open arc welding process. Dual welders, each computer controlled and operating independently, welded the components into a completed part. Materials support included 180 degree rotation of the partially welded assembly to complete welding.
  6. Box beam welder for the overhead crane industry. We designed a self guiding, submerged arc welder to weld the long, continuous welds for fabricated box beams made from plate steel and used as structural supports for long span overhead cranes.
  7. Water wall welder for the power plant industry. We designed and provided a four head, submerged arc welder for applying Inconel® electrode to water wall components. The four weld nozzles are automatically guided using laser guidance technology.